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Hey, I'm Jonny — a crowdfunding consultant based in London.

If you're thinking of crowdfunding, I help you build a solid strategy and communications plan to raise more.

I'm one of the UK’s most successful crowdfunding consultants largely because I enjoy helping founders raise the funds they need while also building an army to back them.

Book a strategy call

The strategy call

Before you decide to crowdfund or choose a platform, it’s worth booking a first strategy call.

In just 90 minutes, we’ll discuss:

  • Whether crowdfunding is right for you
  • Whether you’re ready to crowdfund
  • The best platform for you
  • The overall process
  • An estimate for how much you might be able to raise
  • Any other questions you have at this point

This first call is just £249 for up to 90 minutes and I’ll offload as much information as I can to put you in the best position.

You’ll gain greater clarity and direction for crowdfunding, or even save thousands in wasted time and effort if you choose not to do it!

And there’s absolutely no commitment – or expectation – for you to continue with me.

Secure a time

Questions? Message me on LinkedIn.

Crowdfunding Services

1-1 Weekly Coaching

Bi-weekly calls for the duration of the campaign to support you through the whole process. I'll be your Lead Strategist and sidekick (problem solver).

Freestar, Livia's and Farmstand all booked this.

Campaign Copywriting

In addition to the weekly calls, I can manage copywriting of all core campaign assets.

Personalised Co booked this.

Full Campaign Management

Partnering with Blazon, I'm able to offer complete execution of your crowdfunding campaign. I’ll lead Strategy and Narrative, Blazon will lead on the campaign deliverables. That’s a full-service crowdfunding team for winning big.

Personal clients include allplants, Laka, and Airsorted (now Houst). And Blazon is Europe's leading reward-based crowdfund agency having raised over $40m on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

"Personally really enjoyed having you on the team, and hustling side by side w you on crowdfunding - and MASSIVELY GRATEFUL for the positive impact you made in results, momentum and setting a great tone for commercial hunger and hustle." - JP, Founder of allplants

"An expert on Seedrs campaigns... I keep talking about the great work you did for us and unsurprisingly people are keen to speak with you." - Tobias, Founder of Laka

"Two words: hire him. For anything. He’s super talented, easy to work with and always outperforms. ✅" - Steven, Founder of Farmstand

Track Record

Highlights include:

Airsorted - £1.3M (2019) - View Campaign
While working full-time at Airsorted, I worked with the Founder and CGO to manage all aspects of the crowdfunding campaign. Since then, I've consulted with Airsorted (now Houst) and been hired by former CGO at other startups.

Allplants - £4.5M (2020) - View Campaign
I led and managed the entire campaign for this record-breaking crowdfunding round. The founders continue to refer clients.

Livia's - £1.94M (2020) - View Campaign
Consulted with Olivia on what was another record-breaking campaign where we successfully engaged and converted the social audience.

Farmstand - £837k (2020) - View Campaign
In order to help pivot the business during Covid, Farmstand needed additional funds. I consulted with the founder during this campaign.

Laka - £2.1M (2020) - View Campaign
Led and managed the entire campaign for the Laka team, far exceeding expectations. With a robust brand strategy we were able to deliver consistently and smoothly.

Personalised Co - £416k (2020) - View Campaign
Consulted with Sam & Christian, managing all communications to raise funds to help the business rebrand and extend their product catalogue.

Freestar - £573k (2023) - View Campaign
Coached Eddy and Felix, the founders, through the crowdfunding process providing strategy, narrative and insight.


What is crowdfunding? How does equity crowdfunding differ from reward-based crowdfunding?

We're talking about equity crowdfunding which is a way for startups to raise funding selling shares to their customers, audience and the public. You can reward investors with other tangible assets but the primary motivation for backing you is to help you succeed with the potential of earning a profit from the sale of shares in the future.

Equity crowdfunding platforms include Seedrs and Crowdcube in the UK, and Republic and WeFunder in the US. The reward-based crowdfunding platforms are Indigogo, Kickstarter etc.

Should I choose Seedrs or Crowdcube to manage my campaign?

Both platforms have their benefits. Generally, Seedrs has higher value investors while Crowdcube is more of a consumer platform. Which is best for you will depend on your own audience, the type of product and how much you're aiming to raise. Book a strategy call to discuss.

When is the best time to crowdfund?

Not when you're super desperate for the money! Crowdfunding is best done when you have:

  • found some traction
  • secured a larger investor to act as cornerstone to the campaign
  • defined a clear path for using the funding

Book a strategy call to discuss this further.

What does the strategy call include?

This is a consulting call that is ideal at the earliest possible stage of your campaign - when you’re thinking about funding. We can discuss your timelines, crowdfunding preparedness and which of the major platforms to use.

Ahead of the call, you’ll receive a short survey to capture some key information which will help me prepare.

Why should I use a consultancy to manage my crowdfunding campaign?

Founders cite these reasons:

  • It's effectively a live event and you have one chance to get it right
  • It's something you do just once or twice — you don’t need to become an expert in it
  • It minimises distraction for the team away from the core business

Why choose me? or us (including Blazon)

  • I’ve done it before! And big time.
  • I’ve worked inside businesses while crowdfunding and know your challenges as a founder.
  • Blazon are already the go-to agency for running reward-based campaigns on Kickstart and Indiegogo where they’ve mastered slick execution.
  • We have strong relationships with the platform, knowing how they work and the hidden opportunities.
  • As well as you know your customers, we know the investor audience.
  • We’ve mastered the flows for attracting your customers into pre-registration and preparing them to invest.
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